How We Dress

Ted Talk
Mindy Scheier: How adaptive clothing empowers people with disabilities
I love this TED Talk for so many reason. Primarily I love it for what she is creating. I love her mission and her purpose and her vision. But I also love the message about clothing and the way in which it can influence our emotional health.
There was a period in my life, when I had young kids that I didn’t take the time to really take care of my physical appearances. There were days I didn’t really leave my house so I wasn’t really motivated to really get ready for the day, and this had a negative impact on my emotional health.
The other day I conducted an interview over the phone. The person on the other line never saw me and even though the interview was late at night, I refused to get into my pjs and dress down. I wanted to dress up so I felt “ready” to conduct the interview with this professional.
When I have the opportunity to get up in front of a group of people to speak or to teach, I choose what I wear very consciously, not because I want to look good to others, but because I want to feel good.
Fashion designer Mindy Scheier says that how we dress can affect your mood, your health and your self-esteem. I completely agree.
 Follow this link to listen to her TED Talk
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